Key Differentiator : Expertise

The consultants working with us come from varied backgrounds, but all have several decades of experience working for global firms in their respective specialties.  Working for us is a choice they have made as they bring priceless experience, but wanted greater freedom and autonomy in their career path.  Below are a few profiles of many that are involved with the firm.

Eric Davis -Retired (not active with business)

Head of Transformation

Bringing 30 years of experience in delivery, Eric has worked with some of the leading industrial and asset managers.  Working exclusively under Go Consulting for most of  1991-2015, Eric worked with firms under stressful conditions while delivering stellar results.  For the past 16 years the focus as been leading Asset Managers working to grow and differentiate themselves in the market.

David Roy

Asset Management, Retail Banking, System Vendors
David is a specialist in financial services technology.  With over 25 years of experience in Asia, Europe and the U.S., David has worked in the front, middle and back office areas across private banking, asset management, retail banking and system vendors.

Scott Brown

Asset Management, Insurance, Transformation

Scott is a highly experienced transformation specialist who has spent his career in Asia. He has primarily focused on financial services working in asset management and private banking positioning himself between the business and technology.

Zoltan Kosa-Szantho

iOT UI/UX Design Specialist

Zoltan is an interactive designer specializing in user experience and making applications seamless. He has worked on making machines user-friendly since 2005.

Robert Juhász

iOT Engineer, Robotics Developer

Rob is highly experienced in robotics, remote monitoring and connecting different security systems that enable tracking of just about anything possible.